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Commander Peepers is a supporting antagonist of the Disney Channel/Disney XD series, Wander Over Yonder. He is Lord Hater's right hand man and commander of the Watchdogs. He is voiced by veteran voice actor, Tom Kenny.


Peepers is a cyclops-like alien with a black helmet with a lightning bolt-shaped antennae on it. He also wears a black jumpsuit with red lightning bolt emblem on the suit and additionaly has red gloves and boots to match.

Peepers can be very strict to his commanding officer, Lord Hater and, just like his boss, detests Wander as well. Peepers is also smarter than Hater and is usually the one to try and warn and advise him of predicaments involving enemy conquerers and Wander, which Hater usually shrugs off. Peepers is often the subject of abuse from Hater, whom the latter often takes his frustration on.


  • Peepers bares a resemblance to Marvin the Martian of Looney Tunes fame.
  • Peepers does occasionaly team up with Sylvia, Wander's steed on some occasions.


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