Commander Buck Burpelson is a one time character and the main antagonist in the Quack Pack episode, "Unusual Suspects".


Physical Description[]

Commander Burpelson is a muscular man with tan skin with dark purple-brown bags on his eyes who wears a dark beige suit-jacket with medals, cream white long sleeved shirt underneath with a mahogany red tie, a black belt from underneath his suit-jacket, dark grey pants and dark cool-grey shoes. Also, he wears a dark blue-grey hat with a golden A-letter shaped medal and and the end of the episode, he even wears red and white striped underwear and a tattoo with an arrow and a red heart.


Describing Burpelson's personality as a military officer, he is deceiving, stern, mean-spirited, rough, tough, nasty, double-crossing, rotten to the core (described to by Mrs. Roborson) and villainous.


  • Commander Burpelson is one of the characters that was voiced by the late David Doyle, who had voiced such characters including Sheriff Gomer Cleghorn from TaleSpin, W.W. Wacky from Bonkers and Sam Delaney from Mighty Ducks.