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  Muska is the Colonel of a secret military agency dispatched by the government and the main antagonist of the film "Castle in the Sky". He is revealed to be a descendant of the Laputa royal family, his birth name being "Romuska Palo Ul Laputa". He is voiced by Minori Terada in Japanese, Jeff Winkless in the original English dub and Mark Hamill in the Disney dub.

Muska is cold and efficent-regarding the army, his own agents and Sheeta, princess of Laputa, merely as tools in his goal to reach Laputa. He has no concern for the historical importance of the castle, instead he hungers for the powerful weapons and destructive capapilities in the lower chambers of the castle.

Muska is ultimately killed when the two protagonists, Pazu and Sheeta use the "Spell of destruction", plunging into the sea with the rubble of the lower oart of the castle, presumably drowning.