Colonel Fink is Karl's father who made an appearance in the series finale of Dog With a Blog. He holds the rank of colonel who is in charge of the U.S. Space Command Secret Aliens Division. He was portrayed by Daran Norris.


Not much is known other than Karl mentioning him several times that he's up on the International Space Station.

Colonel Fink is in charge of the Secret Aliens Division, and when Stan talked, thinking that him and his two puppies are aliens, Fink and his Space Command would get a budget increase.

Colonel Fink seems to be fan of foosball, since they would get a budget increase, they would get a foosball table for the break room, he even admitted he was going to paint faces on the players to look like the gang at Space Command, to which, when others find it weird, he denies it.

He takes pride in his job. He also wanted to let the James-Jennings family keep their plans for a foosball table a secret as he expressed that they didn't want those "weasels" at Health and Human Services whining "They got one. Why can't we have one?", showing somewhat of a selfish side. He also seems to be greedy.


  • In Stan Has Puppies, Bennett and Ellen said that if Stan really could talk they would have to send Stan away to be experimented on, however, they were being sarcastic. Ironically, in Stan's Secret Is Out, Stan, unintentionally, talked in front of Colonel Fink, which started the events in the episode.
    • Also, Karl, who wanted to know Stan could talk in Season 1 but kept it in Season 3, didn't let his father know.
  • Karl mentioning several times his father up on the International Space Station.