The Colonel's Thugs are characters from the Quack Pack episode; "Gator Aid."

Role in the series[]

The thugs are first seen when Donald and Daisy are trying to find out the real story behind the disappearances of alligators from a gator farm. They capture the two ducks and take them to the Colonel after being tricked into thinking they are two specialists named Horst and Klebb they were waiting for.

The thugs later capture Horst and Klebb; thinking they are "impostors posing as Horst and Klebb." They are next seen entering a gold depository, which they intend to rob, with the real Horst and Klebb using the gators as cover to avoid the security system. They kidnap the two security guards and stand guard as the Colonel executes his plan with his tank inside.

There is later a battle between the ducks (and Antoinette) and the Colonel, the two thugs, Horst, and Klebb. While the Colonel gets blasted off his tank by Daisy, the thugs, Horst, and Klebb get arrested.