Colleen Mansfield is one of the secondary antagonists of Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2. She is the owner of Appoline.


Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2[]

At the park, Colleen notices Appoline getting dirty and blames Papi and Chloe's puppies for it. Collen is snobby to Sam Cortez as he tried to reason with her, but Colleen refuses and scolds him that he and his dogs should not even be in the park. She also tells him that Appoline is a dog show champion for four years in a row. She and Appoline then leave the park.

Later, at the Beverly Hills dog show, Colleen is not pleased that Sam, his family, and the dogs are competing. She shows the audience a paw-painting of a trophy that Appoline painted as a talent. As Papi and Appoline are the two finalists, Colleen shows her true colors and is shown to be a very controlling and heartless woman who only cares about winning, whispering in Judge McKible's ear to ask Sam about Papi's breeding papers because it's against the rules for Papi to compete without breeding papers. After Papi is disqualified, Appoline wins by default. Colleen is overjoyed and laughs at Sam for a few seconds. She and Appoline are not seen afterwards.