Cole Collins is the main antagonist of the 1982 live-action film Tex. He is the father of Johnny and Jamie. He was portrayed by Ben Johnson.


When Tex and Mason decide to hang out with Lem, they sneak over to the Collins' household and manage to sneak past Cole. Tex goes over to see Jamie, while Mason and Lem decide to hang out with Johnny and Bob. Jamie tells Tex to hide in her closet as Cole comes over to her room. Cole orders her to keep the window shut, otherwise she wouldn't be able to sit.

Later, Cole comes over to the McCormick house and tells Mason that his sons came home drunk after they went to the fair with Tex. Insisting that his sons would never abuse alcohol, Cole blames Tex for their behavior and threatens to report the McCormicks to state welfare officials unless they stay away from his family.

One day, when Tex and Johnny get in trouble by Mrs. Johnson for vandalizing the school typewriters, Cole arrives and threatens to end their relationship, but Johnny stands up to him and refuses. He then scolds Pop McCormick, who laughingly dismisses the punishment.

Later, after Tex gets shot by Kelly, he calls the Collins to inform them about the incident, but Cole gets on the line and orders him to hang up.


  • In the book, he had 2 more sons named Charlie and Blackie.
  • In the book, he wanted to kill Mason during one of his basketball games.
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