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The Clowns are characters and antagonists from Jimmy Two-Shoes. They look and act like actual clowns, but are much more dangerous. They live in a part of Miseryville called ClownBurg.

Head Clown

Leader of the Clowns, he is a small square clown who wears a suit and a bright red nose.

Clown Rules

  • The pasword to enter the grand building is "password", and the confirmation password is "umm...."
  • In order to be a clown, you need 3 things:
    • A round red nose
    • Big, floppy shoes
    • Special underpants


  • Power Squid and Spaghetti Beezy
  • Clowns Gone Wild
  • Heinous Vs. Clowns
  • Funny Face-Off
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