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Clovis is a minor antagonist in the Darkwing Duck episode "Darkly Dawns the Duck".


She was Taurus Bulba's secretary and personal pilot, who was arguably the only intelligent person he had working for him. When Bulba's airship was zapped by the anti-gravity beam of the malfunctioning Waddlemeyer Ramrod and splashed down into Audubon Bay, Clovis escaped by jumping out and parachuting to safety, reflecting the fact that her mother had wanted her to be a dental hygienist.


  • Darkly Dawns of the Duck (Part 1)
  • Darkly Dawns of the Duck (Part 2)
  • Hot Spells (cameo)


  • In the Disney Comics adaptation, Clovis is strongly implied to have been killed in when she self-destructs the airship on Bulba's orders.
  • Clovis shares the same late voice actress as Mrs. Cavanaugh, Marcia Wallace.
  • In "Hot Spells", Clovis has a cameo in the line of the damned.
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