Clamanda is a clam from Freshwater High in a group of clams made as a cheering team "Clamettes" and is the rival of Clamantha.


Clamanda is Clamantha's rival as seen for a long time. She has orange hair with a small ponytail. Her cheerleading team are all clams that look the same except their hair. She seems to be kind of a mean girl of the series. But Clamanda and Clamantha's name's are alike.

Personal life[]

She has a cheer team named the Clamettes. Not much is known about her.

Personal Life[]

When Milo and Bea tried to look for a good club for Oscar, the three of them went to the gym, where they saw two clams fighting. It turned out to be Clamantha, and the calm she was fighting was Clamanda, her rival. Clamantha used to be at the St. Clamcis Clam School for Clams, along with Clamanda, and Clamantha got kicked out of the cheer squad. Clamantha wanted to beat Clamanda at the All-Species High School Cheering squad competition. Clamantha made her own cheer squad, the members being Clamantha herself, Oscar, Milo, Shellsea, Finberley, Koi, Esmargot, and Bea (although she had to go to the map club, but she joined the group at the contest). At the cheer squad competition, Clamanda taunted and made fun of Clamantha's new cheerleaders, but before the two can fight again, Oscar separated the two. Clamanda rolled her eyes when Clamantha's cheer squad did their routine. After Clamanda and her cheer sqad (Clamette), did their cheer routine, Coach Salmons revealed that the winners were the Clamettes. Clamanda was overjoyed that she won, but Clamantha's cheer squad was too busy congratulating each other. After Clamanda pointed out to them that she's the winner and not them, Coach Salmons said that the real winners were Clamantha's cheer sqad, with their trophy being much bigger than the one Clamanda had. Clamanda plotted revenge on Clamantha, but the Clamettes carried her out the door ("We've Got Fish Spirit").



Clamanda and Clamantha are rivals and on different cheering teams. Clamanda was at first happy when Coach Salmons said that her team won, but gets madder and madder when Coach Salmons announced the real winners were Clamantha's cheerleading team ("We've Got Fish Spirit").

Background Information that Clamanda loves Clamantha![]

  • There is a picture of her in Clamantha's room, with darts thrown in it.
  • Her name is portmanteau of "Clam" and "Amanda".


  • "Two Clams in Love" (First appearance) (Pictured only)
  • "Milo's Big Idea" (Non-speaking cameo)
  • "We've Got Fish Spirit"