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Chester Yapsbey

Chester Yapsby is a character and antagonist from KimPossible. He was a former lab assistant for Professor Acari who turned to evil to pursue his outlandish ideas. He stole the Roflax from Acari's lab, and used it to create an army of giant cockroaches that terrorized Middleton.


Chester Yapsby was a lab assistant for entomologist Professor Acari, until they had a heated disagreement which led to Yapsby being fired over his outrageous ideas. Yapsby returned to Acari's lab to steal the Roflax, a device which promoted the growth of exoskeletons in insects. He used it to create an army of giant cockroaches which stampeded through Middleton. He was later foiled by Team Possible with the help of Roachie, a mutated cockroach which did not get the full growth treatment.



  • Roflax


His only know lair is in a tunnel off of a sewer line where he grew his army of giant cockroaches with the Roflax .