Chatana is a sorceress who appears in the Disney Channel animated series, Elena of Avalor. She becomes the tertiary antagonist of the third season.


Chatana is ancient winged sorceress who conjured terrible monsters to torture her enemies. She almost destroyed Avalor and Vallestrella until the Maruvians banished and sealed her away in a Maruvian vault. Her golden diadem, which was the source of her power, was lost for centuries.

Role in the series

She is first mentioned in "Not Without My Magic", when King Verago talks about her past.

Chatana makes her first appearance in "The Last Laugh", where she's unintentionally released from prison by Elena and Mateo. She sends her Chiki Chiki, which causes uncontrollable laughter, to distract them while she and Pili go search for her diadem. Eventually, she joins forces with Ash and Esteban, with the former promising to only give her back her diadem if she accepts to help them take over Avalor. After Pili affirms both Ash and Esteban are indeed very evil, Chatana accepts Ash's offer.

In "Giant Steps", Chatana, along with her new allies Ash and Esteban, recruit Tziloco into their group, and become wanted for their crimes. With Tziloco's help, they travel to Vallestrella and manage to evade capture by Elena's group, seeking to free Chatana's strongest monster Kizin. Even after they free Kizin, however, he refuses to join them due to Chatana never having gone back for him. Though Chatana claims she could not due to being captured, Kizin goes off to free his friends. After Kizin is recaptured, Ash tells Esteban, Chatana, and Tziloco that their allies from the other side of Avalor will be far more powerful, and they depart from Vallestrella.

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