Chaos is a villain in Aladdin, voiced by Matt Frewer who too voiced Pain and Panic in Hercules. Chaos, in appearance, is a small blue cat with wings, who happens to be able to talk and change reality around him to suit his whims, and he appears only in the episode When Chaos Comes Calling. He is considered at a god-like status by the likes of both Mirage and Genie, and it is no wonder why, as he is shares some similarities with the cheshire cat in Alice in Wonderland. He is the force in charge of all the unexpected and unpredictable things that happen in the world, a job he appears to enjoy to no end. It is speculated, based upon personal references made by him, that he might be one of two sides to a major force in the universe, the other half being Fate, someone Chaos does not like a great deal. As he says "Predestination goes against the grain, and besides, he cheats at cards."

There seems to be no limit to his power (he frightens even the likes of Genie and Mirage), though it is evident that he takes his abilities very seriously and does not seem to make purposeful changes that could permanently damage anyone or anything. The only time he becomes a danger is when he is convinced that someone or something he is dealing with is falling into a rut like Mirage trying to trick him into destroying Agrabah. In such cases, as in when Genie made the mistake of telling Chaos that Aladdin always wins his fights, Chaos tried to shake things up a little. In that particular situation, he made an Evil Aladdin for Aladdin, and watched them fight to see who would come out victorious.


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