Chainsaw is the main antagonist of the 1967 film Charlie, the Lonesome Cougar.

Role in the film

Chainsaw is the fox terrier who is owned by a cook named Potlatch and hates cougars, including Charlie. One day, when Charlie comes over to Potlatch's place, Chainsaw spots him and sets up a trap for him by pretending to find a place to bury his bone. Charlie comes over to the restaurant and Potlatch comes over. He tries to tell Chainsaw to go away before letting Charlie in. Chainsaw comes over to the main entrance and manipulates Jess into letting him in to attack Charlie. Chainsaw chases Charlie and the kitchen is destroyed as a result. Jess and Potlatch try to catch their pets until Charlie jumps into Jess' arms. Chainsaw continues to bark at Charlie until Potlatch stops him and carries him outside.

One day, when Charlie, Jess and Potlatch are having a vacation in the woods, Chainsaw comes out of the truck and chases Charlie through the woods. Jess and Potlatch follow them. Potlatch catches Chainsaw, but Charlie gets caught on a floating kitchen and drifted down the river until Jess rescues him.

As a result of all of this which costs the lumberjack company a great deal of money, Charlie is let go and tied up until he hears and sees some of the employees involved with a log standing contest, in which Charlie does enter. However, Chainsaw comes over and jeers at him, causing him to lose his concentration. Jess catches him and is forced to lock him up, but Charlie hears the call of a female cougar in the wilderness and breaks out to investigate.

After spending the summer in the wild, Charlie's natural instincts have kicked in and he's more wild than tame now. When Chainsaw discovers Charlie, Charlie runs through the mill as the men chase him. Chainsaw corners him, but Charlie roars at him, causing him to flee.


  • Although his role is small, he is still the main antagonist, because he had bigger plans than anyone else and drives the plot of the film.
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