Chad Charming is the (former) tertiary antagonist of the 2015 disney-channel live action movie Descendants.


He is vengeful, greedy and scheming. He becomes a bigger threat than Maleficent, as he was much more active and cunning, and he had the biggest influence and plans in the film. He also seemed to be abusive towards Ben.


He is the son of Prince Charming who seeks his own wealth and fame. He manipulated Evie, who had a crush on him, into loving him so he will get her wealth and have a girl to serve him. Later, Ben claims Mal as his love interest, and he tries to prevent the marriage; an act which will result in manipulating Mal. When Evie sees his true nature, she asks the magic mirror about the biggest jerk in the land, and his image is shown on the magic mirror. He tries to put everything right with her, but she sprays on him some magic spray. Ben and the villains are humiliated, as he made an angry stare at Ben. He later plots with Jane to prevent the marriage by taking the wand, and killing Mal. As a result for his actions, he is expelled.


  • He is based on Prince Hans from Frozen, as both have a nice glance as they have manipulated girls for power and wealth.
    • He is Prince Charming's son.
    • He is inspired by the trait "gold digger".
    • He is also simular to a non Disney villain Derek Dietl, as they both seeked fame, power and money through girls.