The Cattlemen are the main antagonists of the 1962 film The Legend of Lobo.


They encroached onto Lobo's habitat and the wolves feast on their cattle as a result. The cattlemen then place bounties on Lobo's head as a result of their loss.

When they arrive at Lobo's den, a cougar begins to pounce on the wolves until they shoot the cat and leave its corpse before El Feroz returns and picks up their scent. The wolves move out and Lobo gets separated. Lobo is found by their parents and the cattlemen shoot his mother after they ravage their cattle. The same goes for El Feroz when they place a calf in the gorge and lure him into their trap.

When Lobo becomes the new leader of the wolf pack, they hunt down numerous livestock across Currumpaw and the cattlemen are determined to kill Lobo. Meanwhile, a Texan wolf hunter named Tannerey arrives and offers to kill Lobo with his hunting dogs. They find Lobo with his mate and chase them near a cliff, but they escape. Eventually, the hunter places a trap near the bridge for Lobo to get caught, but Sombra gets caught instead. He plans to kill her, but decides to snare her and use her to lure Lobo into their trap. Lobo realizes that Sombra has been captured and finds her locked in a shed. The hunter finds him and shoots at him, but Lobo escapes. He then brings his pack with him to rescue her by creating a stampede to break the shed and free Sombra. Lobo and his pack then set out to look for new territory.


  • The cattlemen's names were Joe Calone and Laloche.
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