Catfish Booray is a recurring antagonist in the Disney XD animated series Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja. He is an insane Cajun trapper and swamp wizard who lived in the swamplands behind Norrisville High.


Catfish Booray is tough and threatening. He likes having control over animals and is willing to do horrific things to people like trapping them and feeding them to his pets. He is extremely territorial and protective of "his" swamp.

Powers and abilities

Catfish uses a magic purple powder, which he got from the "Spirit of the Swamp," to control the animals of the swamp. The power can also transform him at his own will into a monster known as Pythanthigator.

Role in the series

Catfish Booray first appeared in the episode "Swampy Seconds", When Randy and Howard entered the swamp looking for quicksand. Randy was captured and kidnapped by Catfish. However as he had had his ninja powers removed due to him abusing them he was trapped. Catfish took him to his home and threw him in a cage. Then upon discovering Howard was also trapped, he and his animal minions went to get him, leaving Randy imprisoned.

Upon finding Howard, Catfish planned to make him into gumbo for his animals to eat. However, Randy (who had escaped) arrived and intervened. He seemingly died saving Howard, thus giving him back his Ninja powers. Catfish sent the animals after him, but Randy managed to free them by destroying Catfish's magic collars. Freeing Howard they ran, while Catfish summoned the powers of a swamp turning himself into a giant monster. He attacked Randy and was about to kill him when Howard tossed a cinder block at him knocking him down. Catfish recovered and tired again to kill Randy. But Randy managed to break free and destroy his magic powder bag, leaving him powerless. Now like this, his animals turned on him and chased him off.

Catfish reappears in the episode "Bring Me the Head of Ranginald Bagel!" In this episode, he is confronted by Hannibal McFist and Viceroy to learn the identity of the ninja. Catfish misinforms the villainous duo that Ranginald Bagel was the ninja, still believing the lie Randy told him during their first encounter in "Swampy Seconds".

In the season finale episode "Randy Cunningham: 13th Century Ninja", due to Randy's meddling in the past, the Sorcerer lost four of his Chaos Pearls before he was trapped by both Randy and the original ninja. One of the pearls has been discovered in modern times by Catfish Booray.

Catfish returns in the episode "Welcome Back Catfish". Now under the control of the Sorcerer, Catfish masquerades as a substitute teacher to gain access into Norrisville High in an attempt to the set the Sorcerer free from his prison.

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