These villains on this list, have had very gruesome deaths. Unlike those who died by falling, these villains are brutally killed. There are lots of examples of this.

  1. The villain is mauled, either by a cannibal, or another animal, even a villain. (the best example of this type would be Scar)
  2. The villain melts or dissolves. (i.e., Judge Doom)
  3. The villain is stabbed till they die. (like Ursula and Maleficent)
  4. The villain is killed by a vehicle, either in a road accident or if they're not paying attention. (i.e., Bill Sykes)
  5. The villain burns to death, leaving nothing but ashes. (like Claude Frollo and Man)
  6. The villain is dragged to hell. (i.e., Doctor Facilier)

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