Complete Monsters are the worst kind of villains imaginable, villains that are pure evil. For this type of character, doing evil is as natural as breathing. 

  • They commit especially atrocious acts that ultimately cause them to cross the Moral Event Horizon, and many are Chaotic Evil.
  • Other characters in the story are either terrified or despise said character, including their minions. It doesn't matter to Complete Monsters, since they care about no one but themselves.
  • Many have no remorse for people, most never feel love (some can, although much less loving and caring than heroes), their actions are especially horrible, and are completely devoid of redeeming qualities.
  • Unless the protagonist acts, the Complete Monsters will never stop at making the world around them miserable. As long as they aren't stopped, there won't be any happy ending to the story.
  • Villains like Comic Relief Villains, Anti-Villains, Tragic Villains, Insecure Villains and Remorseful Villains never qualify (although Tragic Villains can if they cross the Moral Event Horizon, examples of which are Lots-o'-Hugging Bear, Syndrome and The Huntsman).

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