Black cards

The Card Soldiers are the Queen of Hearts' henchmen and the supporting antagonists from the 1951 Disney animated film Alice in Wonderland.

The card soldiers are first sen marching in Nazi-style with the Queen of Hearts in lead. They are ordered by the Queen Of Hearts to execute the three gardener cards for painting her roses red. They sing the Queen Of Hearts "Who's Been Painting My Roses Red?" until the Queen of Hearts says silence. They literally fall down to the ground. The Queen Of Hearts manipulates Alice into playing croquet with her and the cards. During the game, one of the card soldiers is beheaded for not playing the game the Queen's way. Later the Cheshire Cat deliberately makes the Queen Of Hearts fall into a hole just to to make her mad just for fun. The Queen, stuck in the hole says that somebody's head will roll for this. The cards pull her out.

The cards appear during Alice's unfair trail. The cards are eventually ordered to behead Alice but Alice eats the magic mushroom she had with her and she temporarily scares all the characters in the room. However, Alice shrinks due the temporarily magic potion. The Queen and cards chase Alice to behead her. but they are all defeated when Alice literally wakes up from her bizzare dream.


The cards are as ruthless as the Queen herself is. They are loyal only to her. Yet they are incompetent and not all-powerful. The Queen is harsh to her own henchmen as she yells at them and is known to behead them at times as shown during croquet.