Captain Storm is an antagonist from the Quack Pack episode, "Captain Donald".

Role in the episode

Captain Storm is first seen on an island, forcing a native to go through impossible traps and retrieve his treasure from a skull shaped cave only to get himself eaten by the guardian, a giant snake; making it the eighth native Storm has lost.

At first, Storm gives up hope of finding better help but then his luck changes when he notices a ship belonging to Kent Powers and commandeered by Donald Duck and his nephews: Huey, Dewey and Louie and arriving to the island during a hurricane. Storm manages to save them and earn their trust. Later, he tricks the three young ducks into finding spare parts for their damaged ship as an advantage to make them help retrieve his treasure while Kent and Donald (mostly) repair the ship. During the journey, Storm fakes an ankle injury in order to allow the young ducks to go into the skull cave and retrieve the "spare parts."

After the young ducks manage to defeat the serpent by making it swallow boulders and notice Storm coming inside the cave, they quickly see through Storm's deception, trickery, and true colors; revealing he is actually a pirate captain looking for his treasure he hid through impossible traps. Captain Storm makes off with his treasure in Kent's fixed ship while leaving the ducks to drown in the tide flowing inside the cave and the others stranded on the island.

When Donald rescues his nephews, they go after Storm on a pirate ship (from the cave) and sink the stolen ship with cannon balls and Kent's tanning oil, thus, causing Storm to lose his treasure; much to Kent's dismay. Storm is then captured by the Ducks as they sail on the pirate ship with Donald commandeering it.

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