Captain Razoul is a minor antagonist of the 1992 film Aladdin, as well as its sequels and spinoff TV series.


He is the Captain of the Guards working for the Sultan and, by extension, Jafar. He attempts to kill Aladdin, disguised at the time as Prince Ali, by throwing him off a cliff after Jafar orders him to do so. However, for all he knew that was what the Sultan wanted as well, and his job was to carry out the orders of the Sultan and the Royal Vizier. Jafar may have told him that Prince Ali was a spy or a traitor or that the Sultan wanted him dead or was hypnotized. He chases Aladdin around the village with cries of "Riff raff! Street rat!" Even after the Sultan announces that Aladdin will someday become Agrabah's Royal Vizier, and upon the Sultan's death, the new Sultan, Razoul still resents him and seizes every available opportunity to discredit him.


Razoul hates and despises lawbreakers, whether young, old, male or female and shows no sypmathy toward them whatsoever, no matter what their intentions are. He appears to take pleasure from the authority he commands and performing acts of violence, and is quite happy to carry out executions. However, he shows no desire to rise above his current position and is quite happy carrying out the orders of Agrabah's royal family. He also once admitted that he might consider calling Aladdin "Your Highness" if Aladdin got rid of lago, but still mostly calls him Street Rat.

Razoul doesn't believe that Aladdin really loves Jasmine, voicing several times in his opinion that Aladdin is nothing but a power-hungry street-rat, even when he is proven completely wrong on numerous occasions.