The Captain is a character and antagonist in Lab Rats. He is the man in charge of the boat that Adam, Bree, and Chasewere hiding on. His only appearance was in Sink or Swim. He is portrayed by Casey Sander.


The Captain is first seen throwing a fish back into the sea. He appears again later when he finds the Lab Rats on his boat. He tells a member of his crew to call the Coast Guard. He didn't know how or when the Lab Rats got on his ship, but he said the Coast Guard will find out, he leaves, but tells his crew to keep an eye on the criminals.

Later, he tells his crew that the Coast Guard is gonna take a while, since the submarine is speeding towards the ocean floor. He doesn't seem to really care that much, since right after he felt sorry for them, he said he would go moisturize.

At night, the Captain goes over to the Lab Rats and tells them that the Coast Guard is gonna get another ship, which was bad for them, but good for himself. But now, he seems to be more sorry about the submarine, saying that they're this close, yet there's nothing anyone can do to help. The Lab Rats plan to save the submarine, so Bree ties up the Captain along with some other members of the crew, and super speeds them back into the ship.

The captain and his crew seem to break out, since they come back outside to where the Lab Rats are. They try to stop them when when Douglas(disguised as Davenport) comes to pick up the kids, but fail.

Later on, the real Donald (and Leo) come to the ship, and ask where Adam, Bree and Chase are. But the Captain says they got on a chopper, with him (actually Douglas).