Canis & Lupus

Canis and Lupus are two winged wolf minions of Hecate in the TV show Hercules: The Animated Series.


Hercules and the Underworld Takeover[]

Canis and Lupus accompany Hecate in Olympus where she plants a crystal on the neck of Hades, which slowly drains his godly powers. They then go to the Underworld and Hecate takes power before firing Pain and Panic, who are thrown into the Styx by Canis and Lupus.

Later, Pain and Panic bring Hercules to the Underworld to overthrow Hecate but she sends Canis and Lupus to attack them. Panic manages to beat one of them while the other is defeated by Hercules, however the crystal containing Hades's powers turns into a gigantic monster and subdues Hercules. Then, a weakened Hades comes back to the Underworld and Hercules eventually breaks the crystal, restoring his powers and allowing him to take revenge on Hecate and her two minions.

Hercules and the Disappearing Heroes[]

Canis and Lupus help Hecate to capture many of the famous Greek heroes in order to steal their abilities to create a powerful monster and use him to take over the Underworld. They manage to capture Nestor, Meleager, Mentor and Odysseus, but Hercules, Phil and Chipacles try to oppose them.

Later, they capture Hercules during a conference to steal his strength and imprisons him in the Underworld with the other heroes. However, Phil and Chipacles follow them and liberate all the heroes while Hecate and her monster are going to dethrone Hades. They arrive at Hades's lair and realize that he is temporarily absent, then Hercules and the other heroes come and manage to defeat the monster by using their collective weaknesses. Soon after, Hades returns and Hercules makes him believe that Hecate helped to stop the monster, so she restores the heroes' abilities.