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S1e23b Candy sprites

Candy Sprites are characters and antagonists in The 7D. They creatures who are obsessed with all kinds of candies, living in the Enchanted Forest. In the episode "Big Rock Candy Flim-Flam", there are two Candy Sprites, Sweetie (voiced by Sherri Stoner) and Tangy (voiced by Deanna Oliver), who search for Grandmommers Whimsical's fudge and The 7D's big rock candy.


The Candy Sprites cause the explosion of a huge candy rock needed to power the Tick Tock Clock Tower, the source of time for Jollywood. All time halts, causing Grandmommers Whimsical to stand still at her Sky Bucket on her way to Queen Delightful's castle around midnight. To avoid Jollywood being stuck at midnight forever, The 7D locate another candy rock at their mine and transport it to the clock on their train. The replacement catch the eyes of the Candy Sprites, and they proceed to rob The 7D's train. The dwarfs fend them off, and they successfully installed the replacement candy rock at the tower. Whimsical finally arrives at her great-great-great granddaughter's, and together they commence a candy party, enticing the sprites once more, and the sprites took some of the candy with them.