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Candlehead is a minor character in Wreck-It Ralph. She is the one Sugar Rush racers. She appears to be themed around birthday cake and ice cream. 

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Candlehead is a riot who's able to laugh at herself, even when she's the butt of joke. Hypnotized by the flame atop her own head, she gets lost in a haze of Happy Birthdays. Sugar Rush and its daily races wouldn't be complete without Candlehead, but she is a few scoops short of sundae.

Candlehead is one of the most cheerful of all the racers, and is also one of the kinder, if not somewhat ditzy. However, she will do whatever Taffyta Muttonfudge tells her to do, even bullying Vanellope. Candlehead likes candles, most notably the one on her head, and is horrified when it is blown out. She is implied to be either ill-willed or unaccountable, as she attempts to blame Taffyta for her bullying Vanellope.