Dr. Calico (also known as the Green-Eyed Man) is the main antagonist of the fictional series, Bolt, which exists in the film by the same name. He is Bolt's arch-nemesis.

Even though he is not an actual villain, Bolt thinks that he is a real villain and plans to get him for real.


Dr. Calico is among one of the ruthless, cunning, deceptive, and merciless villains ever seen in the Disney universe. Always accompanied by his pet cats, he is a master of planning and also a brilliant strategist. Ruthless, but patient, he likes to torture his enemies or threaten them in order to force them to do his bidding. Although he is seen hiding behind his guards, he's not above killing his enemies with his own bare hands; this is seen in an episode of the show, which is before the end of the film where he tries to kill the new Penny after she had a facial surgery by trying to inject her with a deadly drug. In the video game tie-in, his personality seems more sinister and evil than in the movie.

Role in the film

Dr. Calico is first seen on video holding Penny's father captive, talking to one of his associates as Bolt and Penny spy on him. The associate tells Calico if they have any luck to get their guest (Penny's dad) to spill his guts, in which Calico tells him that his "guts will spill one way or another". However, Penny's father protests that he'll never talk, much to Penny's shock. Calico tells him that he's being irked and it will not do, before he tells his associate if the package has arrived. The associate tells Calico he's sending another associate to pick up the package. As the associate gets into his car and begins to leave, Calico tells the associate that they only need to capture Penny. However, as the car leaves the area, Bolt rams the vehicle, causing it to flip. Penny and Bolt capture and interrogate him, learning that Calico's in a base in Bolivia near Lake Rogaguado.


  • Despite being an actor, Dr. Calico still drives the plot of the first film.
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