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Buff Frog (real name Yvgeny Bulgolyubov[1]) is one of Ludo's minions who appears in the Disney XD animated series, Star vs. the Forces of Evil. He mostly acts as a spy by observing Star Butterfly.


Buff Frog is a large pale green humanoid frog with yellow eyes, dark green lips, and webbed wings on each side of his head. He has a bulky upper body, but disproportionately short legs. As of season 2, he appears to have gained weight.

In season 1, Buff Frog wears spiked circular shoulder pads, a dark green tunic with a winged eyeball (Ludo's family crest) on it, and a black belt. From season 2 onward, Buff Frog wears a new tunic, which is a lighter green than his previous one and has no shoulder pads, and a gray belt with a skull buckle.


  • Theme Song

Season 1

  • Star Comes to Earth
  • Match Maker
  • The Other Exchange Student (cameo)
  • Cheer Up, Star
  • Brittney's Party
  • Lobster Claws
  • Fortune Cookies
  • Mewnipendance Day
  • Storm the Castle

Season 2

  • Starsitting
  • On the Job
  • Is Mystery
  • Raid the Cave

Season 3

  • Star vs. the Forces of Evil: The Battle for Mewni
  • Puddle Defender
  • Toffee
  • Starfari
  • Is Another Mystery



  • Buff Frog speaks in a thick Russian accent.
  • His name and species is derived from the bullfrog, a type of frog known for its aggression, gluttony and large size.
  • He is the first of Ludo's minions to appear in an episode that Ludo himself didn't appear in.
  • In "Mewnipendance Day", it is revealed that he was taken in from the swamp after being rescued by Ludo.
  • He was the only one of Ludo's minions who did not trust Toffee (which drove Toffee to engineer his banishment).
  • In "Storm the Castle", he becomes the adoptive father of a group of tadpoles.
  • As of season 2, Buff Frog is acting on his own accord.
  • Both "Is Mystery" and "Raid the Cave" show that Buff Frog has terrible penmanship, to the point where Star and Marco thought the letters he sent Star warning her about Ludo had been fan art written by his tadpoles. In "Is Another Mystery", Star acknowledged that the farewell letter she found couldn't have been written by him, because it was far too legible.
  • In "Puddle Defender", Buff Frog reveals he has a tattoo of Ludo and the word "FOREVER" under his left breast.
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