Bubbles is a villain from the Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers episode, "The Case of the Cola Cult".

Role in Series

Bubbles was about to attack the rangers when Pop Top stopped him and introduced the rangers to his assistant and Dale was about to say that's a dumb name. when he got angry and Dale said that's a nice name to not make him mad. He told his master he caught Gadget and her friends snooping around, Gadget told the tribe that they weren't snooping, they were just lost. He tampered with the gyromoblie and made it go crazy. He took Gadget as a hostage and Chip explained to Gadget that Pop Top has been stealing the cola cult donations instead of fizzing them when it was actually Bubbles. Bubbles explained that Pop Top actually believed in all this soda silliness. Bubbles said he was the one figured to profit buy it and that he was gonna take over the Cola Cult as their new leader. He thought he'd be rid of Gadget and her friends after he sabotaged her gyromoblie and he told Gadget that she would never be able to ride in it again. Gadget got away but he told his henchmen to never mind her and told them she wouldn't be back. He captured the rest of the rangers and put them in soda bottles. He asked the others if they had any last requests. He told the rangers "hope they were thirsty because this time the trap door stays trapped just like them." He told the Cola Cult members that their leader couldn't be there for their little sing along tonight. He told the members Pop Top won't miss the fizzing. After a battle with Bubbles, Gadget reveals to the member that Bubbles isn't one of them, he stole their donations in his secret hiding place, and after Bubbles is defeated, she frees the rangers and Bubbles is arrested.

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