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Brown Hair Boy is a minor character and a school bully (only in "Atomic Detention") in Atomic Puppet. He only appeared in "Atomic Detention".


Despite of his physical size, he appears be larger than majority of the kids, and muscular, a brown mullet with a front sides cut off, a black earing on the left side of ear, he wears a dark gray sleeveless shirt and a grey pants.


As a School Bully, he usually in the detention room along with other bad students, at first, he mocked at Joey when he got sent to detention by Ms. Erlemeyer, who majority of the bad students including him were shocked that Joey went upon her (who however didn't), during the test, despite that the bully, who knew a student who last time went upon Ms. Erlemeyer, had to spent the rest of life in the science class as a skeleton, he suggested that Joey better be careful of Erlemeyer, this could be because he maybe scared of her from what she did to the student.

Shortly after "Atomic Detention", he appears like amongst the other characters, his role is now minor.


  • Sick Day
  • Atomic Detention
  • Pizza Planet
  • Sold Out
  • Hero Hall of Fame
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