Brian is a two-timing cheater in Dog With a Blog.

He is portrayed by Kalama Epstein.

Character History

Brian was dating Avery, Lindsay, and Max, who didn't know they were all friends.

When the girls learned about this they wanted revenge. First, each girl showed up to make Brian numerous spicy foods, which he hates, then came all at once with three different sweets and they shoves them into his face.

Brain realized this as they know each other.


  • Brian is the third character that Avery dated. Followed by Dustin Pitt and Wes Manning.
    • Coincidentally, him and Dustin who dated Avery then broke up with made Avery took action.
      • Avery had to seek help from his mother to deal with Dustin breaking up with her.
      • Avery, Lindsay, and Max took it upon themselves to get revenge on Brian.
      • Wes was the only boy who truly loved Avery but ended their relationship when Wes and his family had to move.
  • Brian dated Avery, Lindsay, and Max, not knowing they're all friends.
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