"Bri-Dog"[1] is the nickname for a Fillmore! character and antagonist. He is an X Middle School student, and his real name is not normally used. He is voiced by A.J. Trauth.[2][3]


Bri-Dog and Chet were a pair of bullies and jocks who liked to pick on Grover Brady [4]. They went on the school's football field where Grover was at a table with a few glasses of shakes to harass him. Bri-Dog makes fun of Grover's name, calling him "Grove-error", and Grover corrected him. Bri-Dog silenced him, then poured one glass of shake on Grover's head. As Bri-Dog and Chet left, Chet complimented him on coming up with the mock name and asked from where he got that idea. Bri-Dog explained that he got the improv team, The Lobster Street Players, to come up with that name for him through a threat. Someone in a ninja outfit loaded a tennis ball machine with spitballs, aimed it at the two jocks, and shot the spitballs at them. They came under attack covered with them and Grover witnessed everything except who did that. This was done for revenge on how they treated other students who weren't bullies. Afterwards, Fillmore and Ingrid showed up on the field to ask Bri-Dog questions about what happened. Bri-Dog was so hurt by what happened to him, he decided not to go by that nickname anymore, he went back to his real name, Brian, and told them he didn't want to discuss it.