Brentwood is a gargoyle formerly of the Labyrinth Clan. He is the clone of Lexington.



Thailog and Demona commissioned Dr. Anton Sevarius to create Brentwood as a part of their clone clan. Sevarius and Thailog aged Brentwood to his peak physical age, leaving him radically discolored. Demona named him, and Thailog programmed him simply "to obey Thailog." Like the rest of the clones, Brentwood was sent against the Manhattan Clan, but he was defeated. Talon adopted the clones, and planned to teach them to think for themselves and "to use verbs."

When Thailog stormed the Labyrinth, Brentwood quickly succumbed to his will. Brentwood blindly followed Thailog's orders, until Delilah proposed that each clone decide for him or herself whether they would maintain allegiance to the Labyrinth Clan, or re-ally themselves to Thailog. Despite the pleading of Lexington and the rest of the Manhattan Clan, Brentwood decided to abandon the Labyrinth Clan and join Thailog because "Thailog smart."

Brentwood is loyal to Thailog and has been assisting him with Shari on his latest mission. Brentwood has been sifting through the ruins of St. Damien's Cathedral, presumably searching for the remnants of the Praying Gargoyle.

The Goliath Chronicles

Note: This section is not canonical.

In the non-canonical The Goliath Chronicles, Brentwood contracted a degenerative virus that was supposedly the result of a flaw in the cloning process. The Manhattan Clan brought the clones to Dr. Sevarius for help, but he tricked them into chasing after an escaping Thailog, and, while doing so, Brentwood petrified. His statue was placed atop a building.


Brentwood is physically identical to Lexington, in almost every way but coloration. Instead of one small horn over his eyes, as Lexington has, he has two, and he has a sharp spine protruding from his back, as well as spurs on the shoulders of his wings. He possesses the same traits and abilities of any other gargoyle, however Brentwood's eyes glow red, not white, as most male gargoyles' eyes do.


  • Brentwood was named by Demona after a suburb of Los Angeles to contrast with Lexington's name and, in Demona's opinion, the ridiculousness of it.
  • Greg Weisman suggested that one only has to look at "Future Tense" to see the direction that Brentwood is heading.
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