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Bouffant Beagle is one of the three Beagle Babes, cousins of the Beagle Boys, in DuckTales. She appears in the DuckTales episode "The Good Muddahs" together with her sisters "Boom-Boom Beagle" [382-238] and "Babydoll Beagle" [776-177].

Her large hairdo is one of her defining characteristics, and she uses it often to smuggle objects in and out of places undetected. 


Bouffant is the leader of the Beagle Babes and seems to be the smartest and most mature of the trio. She comes up with most of their plans and takes care of her younger sisters (like going shoplifting for food that they want). While the Beagle Babes are thieves, they don't seem to be very evil in nature. Bouffant and her sisters really started to care about Webby after they kidnap her.


Bouffant Beagle along with her sisters Boom-Boom Beagle and Babydoll Beagle appear in the DuckTales episode "The Good Muddahs". Where she and her sisters kidnap Webby and hold her for ransom.