The Bots are the main enemies you fight in the levels of the 2011 video game, Disney Universe.

Introduction and Finale

In the Introduction, the Bots are like Cast Members. However, the Bots get taken over by HEX and try to destroy the guests. In the finale, they are seen playing instruments in the song it's a Small World and there are videos from the start of the worlds of them being mischievous.


In the Levels

At the start of each location, a video of the Bots misbehaving is seen. During the levels, the bots appear often and fight the players. They are like no other Video Game Villain as they actually move objects that players need and seem to think for themselves.

In the Gallery

To unlock all Bot costumes, you must collect all collectibles in all levels of every hub. You can get a closer look at the Bot with its world costume.


The Bots look different for each world but are all based on these Bots:


There are two types of Fodders, one that walks and others that fly and shoot projectiles.

Standard Fodders are usually the common Bot in the game. They are known for building infamous traps. If you see the gear icon, you must prevent the Fodders from building an Enemy Trap.

Flying Fodders usually fly and shoot projectiles at you or swoop at you. If you attack the Flying Fodder, it will lose some of its wings.


The Brute is large and bigger than the Fodder. These enemies will try to crush you or grab you with their hands. They are the weakest mini-bosses in the whole game.


The Roto has a large spinning arm and can spin its arm extremely fast. The player must avoid this Bot and then attack it. When you see a button icon, press it and attack it while stunned.


The Bulldogs are Bots looking like giant dogs and sometimes try to eat you. These Bots are much aggressive than Brutes. The Bulldogs are able to catch you and you must avoid this attack.


The Spawner can shoot extra Bots as its name suggests and laser balls. The laser ball will cause an instant death, so it is best to deflect it carefully or avoid it.

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