The Amazing Boswell is a traveling magician and an antagonist that appeared in the Sofia the First episode "Finding Clover".

Role in the Series[]

He performed for Sofia, James, and Amber, with his last trick involving his magic bunny "Mister Cuddles".

However, "Mister Cuddles," whose real name is Lawrence, runs away. Therefore, Clover, feeling neglected by Sofia, who has been kept busy by schoolwork, takes his place.

After a couple shows, Boswell notices Clover trying to run away, and stops him. Later on, Sofia appears in his wagon to get Clover back, but Boswell, not seeing a collar or proof of ownership, cruelly snatches Clover from her hands, disregarding her warning that she would bring the guards and her father, stating after this show, he is leaving Enchancia - She would never get her father or the guards in time.

Thankfully, Sofia, with a disguise gifted to her from Madam Ubetcha, gets chosen by Boswell unknowingly for his last trick, and she runs off with Clover. Realizing he himself has been tricked, Boswell chases after her to get Clover back, only for Minimus to save them, and Crackle breathes fire at the greedy magician to discourage him from pursuing them further, leaving Boswell all washed up.