Boomer Bledsoe (Voiced by Billy West (Nickelodeon) and later Chris Phillips (Disney))[1] is one of Roger's friends and sidekicks in the animated series "Doug". He has orange skin and green hair and is shown to be more nice to Doug than rude. Although he isn't quite as smart as Ned Cauphee, he is smarter than Willy White.

Background Information

Boomer Bledsoe is a member of Roger's gang of bullies. However, he is shown to be noticeably nicer towards Doug and other characters than his friends are, although such instances are normally seen either in absence or allowance of Roger. Boomer is also one of a number of characters (and ironically the only member of the gang aside from Roger himself) to have a different voice actor when the series was bought by Disney. Here, Boomer was voiced by Chris Phillips (who also voiced Roger Klotz in the new series) and was given a somewhat deeper voice than in the Nickelodeon series in which he was voiced by Billy West.

Trivia Edit

  • In the episode, Doug Rocks the House, Boomer yells "The whole world is watching! The whole world is watching!" which is a famous anti-violent speech.
  • In the episode, Doug's Big Catch, for one line, Boomer's mouth moves to Ned's voice.
  • In the episode, Doug En Vogue, Boomer is a fan of Teen Heart Street.
  • In the episode, Doug's Worst Nightmare, Boomer said he had an identity crisis, showing that he only knows what to do if Roger commands him.
  • In the episode, Doug Takes the Case, Doug describes him as "Long on talk, short on brains".
  • The symbol on Boomer's shirt Resembles the Star Trek logo.
  • He was dressed a saw in Doug Can't Dance.
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