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Boo Fly is a character and an antagonist from Star vs. the Forces of Evil. He is a former member of Ludo's army.


Boo Fly has black skin and two wings on his back, with light blue compound eyes. He strongly resembles an Earth fly, but his body is humanoid and he only has four limbs.


  • Theme Song

Season 1

  • Match Maker
  • Brittney's Party
  • Lobster Claws
  • Fortune Cookies
  • Marco Grows a Beard
  • Storm the Castle

Season 2

  • On the Job
  • Is Mystery
  • Mathmagic (cameo)



  • Boo Fly is the only member of Ludo's army aside from Buff Frog that appears in the group shot of the season two opening sequence.
  • Boo Fly is unnamed in season 1, but he is addressed by name in "On the Job".
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