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Boggles are evil goblins that are followers of Jadis the White Witch and they never appeared in Lewis' Workshop.

In the video game, Boggles wear no clothes and they appear in the artwork and serve as enemies. One item is called the "Boggle Bane", allowing the player to kill a Boggle with a hit.

Film Role[]

Boggles never appeared until nighttime is in the village of Narnia. They reappeared in Aslan's sacrifice and they were yelling. Various Boggles walked to fight against Aslan's Army. They were yelling and they were about to battle. Various Gryphons killed them by dropping rocks and some are alive. During the deleted scene, a Boggle was about to kill the Phoenix with an arrow and Peter killed it with a hit. Various Boggles walk through the fire and Boggles were still fighting. The Boggles ran away after Aslan killed Jadis.


Boggles carry large axes, similar the Orcs in Lord of the Rings Trilogy.