Bog is a minor antagonist in the Disney Channel animated series Amphibia. He is a ruthless toad tax collector and warrior of the Toad Army who works for Captain Grime.

He is voiced by Darin De Paul.


Physical Appearance[]

Bog is a large toad with red skin and an orange, lighter underbelly. He has a crest of horn-like protrusions on the top of his head. He, like his comrades, wears metal armor with leather pauldrons and a silver "Amphibia" emblem across his right shoulder.

Role in the series[]

Bog first appeared in "Toad Tax" where he arrives at Wartwood with Fens and Mire to collect taxes. When Anne sees how cool they look, she decides to introduce herself to them. After fighting off Fens with her racket, Bog decides to let Anne join them as they collect taxes. However, they all start ransacking the residents and take their stuff as payment for their taxes, because the toads haven't received the money for their taxes. However, Anne kindly returns some of the things to the residents. When the Toads threaten to harass Hop Pop and take Bessie away from him, Anne finally stands up to the toads, claiming that even though the town doesn't respect her, she shouldn't have to disrespect them.

Bog and Anne fight one on one, with Bog fighting with his giant hammer and Anne fighting with a sword and her racket. Bog gets the upper hand and injures Anne's arm with his hammer. Just then, all the residents of Wartwood arrive to stand up to the toads and defend Anne. Sprig then arrives and informs the toads that the reason they didn't get the town's taxes was because Mayor Toadstool hid them in a statue of himself. The toads then find the tax money and take their leave with Bog losing all respect for Anne. But as they leave and are chased away by the frogs of Wartwood, Fens mentions they should report Anne to Captain Grime, which Bog agrees with. Bog's name is mentioned in "Prison Break" after being reported by a toad solider to Grime that he has returned.

Bog's latest appearance was at the end of "Reunion" where he is shown to be leaving with Grime and the Toad Army to parts unknown. In "Toad to Redemption", Bog returns, attacking Wartwood with Fens, Mire and their remaining forces, cornering its citizens and the Newtopia emissary Jacinda. Revealing himself, Bog explains that he and the other Toads were forced to become bandits following the destruction of Toad Tower, blaming the Wartwood citizens for their misfortune. Mayor Toadstool confronts Bog, who demands to be given every valuable item in Wartwood, or else they will burn it to the ground.

To save the town, Mayor Toadstool distracts Bog by offering him the position of second-in-command when he becomes Head of Toad Tower, presenting him with a chest of gold before slamming his head onto it, starting a fight between Wartwood's citizens and the bandits. Once the bandits have been defeated, Jacinda declares that Mayor Toadstool has proved himself too soft to lead Toad Tower and offers the position to Bog instead. Bog happily accepts and leaves with his followers, promising to make Grime seem like a "big softie" in comparison.

In "The Beginning of the End", Bog makes a minor background appearance, revealing himself to have become a member of the Wartwood Resistance against King Andrias.

In "The Hardest Thing", in the series epilogue, Bog is revealed to have started a moving business called "Bog & The Boys Moving & Junk Service" alongside Fens, Mire and Jacinda.



  • Bog is possibly the founder of the moving service that he, Fens, Mire, and Jacinda do by the series' finale.