Blotlings are the Shadow Blot's henchmen in Epic Mickey. They attack any one that's not a Blotling.


Spatters are the first Blotlings in the game. Their ears look like Mickey Mouse and their attacks are Head bash.


Seers are Cyclopes with two arms. They beep to call other enemies. Their attacks are rolling.


Sweepers are octopus-like painters resembling Magic Brooms. They punch Mickey Mouse if he gets close to them. Their attacks are Thinner Toss and Punch.


Spladooshes are rock-like enemies. If Mickey gets close to it, it will explode. If he sprays Paint on it, it will sleep. Their attacks are Explode.


Slobbers are giant Blotlings. They are mini-bosses. They look like Oogie Boogie. This is the hardest Blotling to avoid.


After Mickey defeats the fake Shadow Blot, there will be those new enemies. They take Wasteland's Colors. They are probably tentacles of the Shadow Blot. If Mickey destroyed all of them in OsTown, Mean Street, Bog Easy and Ventureland, he will get the No More Bloticles Pin.

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