Super Poison Ivy Super Poison Ivy 14 April 2020

One of the trustworthy users worldwide

Attention, everybody in the Villains Wiki. I am Super Poison Ivy. I am permanently considered to be one of the most trustworthy and honorable users in the Villains Wiki. I will follow the rules at all times. I will do a great job. I have a strong desire to be constructive. I can always talk to my friends in the Villains Wiki. I will never gloat. I will never break the rules. I will remain unblocked forever. I am here to make the Villains Wiki great. I can perform an action on a great job at all times. I am respected. I am a hero. I act like an innocent person. I am extremely competent and intelligent. I am also known to insert true information. So that's why I am trusted at all times.

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RRabbit42 RRabbit42 3 February 2020

Resolution to problems

Changes on this wiki were made to resolve long-standing problems that have existed for almost a decade. Details about each problem have been provided in other policies and blogs. They are detailed in the Overhaul change list.

Since the changes were made without the participation of the members of the wiki, if people want the changes removed, they will need to help develop solutions to all of the problems. Simply saying, "I want it like it used to be" will not be enough.

  1. Edit wars have occurred as people fuss and argue over trying to assign a specific level to a character.
  2. People cannot make up their mind and change the level for the same character multiple times and almost never provide a reason. They are changing it just to change it.
    1. People …
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RRabbit42 RRabbit42 3 February 2020

Overhaul change list

This page lists items that were changed in the overhaul. If members of the community disagree with these changes, see the Resolution to problems blog for what solutions must be prepared to address long-standing problems.

Several fields were removed from Infoboxes reduce the amount of bloat and to encourage people to put the information on the main part of the page. Later on, once there is substantial information available, the fields may be reinstated. This is not a promise, however.

  • Inspiration: This is supposed to be for documented cases where people involved in making the movie, TV show or book specifically stated that their character was based on or inspired by another character. Most cases of "inspiration" are actually "they're similar …

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RRabbit42 RRabbit42 25 January 2020

Overhaul of the wiki

I have finished coming up with a plan for overhauling this wiki. It is a very big change on how things look. At least half of it probably won't be popular but it's necessary to fix some long-standing problems.

What it comes down to is there have been a lot of abuses of both infoboxes and categories going on for almost a decade and they're going to stop. Starting today, the following goes into effect:

  1. It is no longer necessary to start each page with sentences like "Sid Phillips is the villain of the Pixar movie Toy Story." This is Wickedpedia, the Disney Villains Wiki. Identifying characters as a villain on the page is redundant.
  2. Likewise, we will no longer use categories that have "villains" or "antagonists" in their name, for the same reas…
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Loveable Cats Loveable Cats 5 December 2018

Definition of a villain

I'm making this blog because I saw some articles about antagonists that I feel don't really qualify as villains, and TheSuperGenius (also known as Harold) and I are trying to get rid of characters who are antagonists but not villains. So, yeah, I am helping Harold (also known as TheSuperGenius) mark pages for deletion. 

Being an antagonist does not automatically make someone a villain. A villain is someone who does evil things like commiting crimes, taking over the world or trying to take over the world,etc.

Another thing is that I'll write some examples on why being an antagonist does not make someone evil. For example, if someone was being mean and grumpy or if someone was a bully without doing anything illegal, does that automatically mak…

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Loveable Cats Loveable Cats 30 April 2017

Si and Am did not reform

This is a blog page about how Si and Am from Lady and the Tramp didn't reform.

  • Do Si and Am reform? No. They didn't, they're still villains but I wish they reformed.

I've noticed that the infobox for the page said they were neutral, later good. Is that correct? No. 

I've also noticed that they were in the neutral protagonists category.

Are they neutral or protagonists? No. 

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Loveable Cats Loveable Cats 13 April 2017

Uto and Kago didn't reform

This is a blog about Uto and Kago from the 2005 Disney prequel, Tarzan 2. 

I have noticed that people add them to the reformed category although they did not. 

Here's why they didn't reform.

Do Uto and Kago reform? No. They do not reform at all!

I've noticed that they were added to the not competely evil category. Is that category correct? No. They were always evil. 

I have also noticed that were added to the anti-heroes category? Are they anti-heroes? No.

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RRabbit42 RRabbit42 16 December 2016

The bird from A Bug's Life is just a bird

This is based on a message I left for a user as an example of how people try to force characters to fit a description.

In the Pixar movie A Bug's Life, there is a bird that appears a few times and causes problems for various characters in its search for food because to it, those characters are food. I have seen other people try to classify the bird as a villain or a hero during the past two years, but it's neither. It's just a bird. It is an antagonist because it's an obstacle that Flik and the other ants have to figure a way to get around, but it is nothing more.

Here's why the bird is just an antagonist and a very minor one at that:

To be a villain, you have to not only be a bad person, but you have to go out of your way to be bad, such a re…

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Disneysaurus Disneysaurus 3 January 2016

Whoever heard of a canine-like snouted cat?

Pete is not a cat, He's a wolf.

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RRabbit42 RRabbit42 29 December 2015

Misinformation campaigns

One of the statements that keeps coming up about characters is that a "misinformation campaign" or a "campaign to misinform" was used to hide the facts about that character. At it's heart, that's correct in a small way, but the way those phrases are being used takes it a lot further to where it's being misused to justify what is being said.

The defintion of "misinform" is pretty simple: "to give false or misleading information to". Where that's correct is that a movie studio, writer, director, actor and advertising department will never come right out and say "this is exactly who this character is" before the movie premieres or the TV episode is broadcast. They'll give a hint to get your interest, but they won't say things that give you the…

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RRabbit42 RRabbit42 8 July 2015

No more antagonist fussing

Dictionary.com defines a "foofaraw" as "a great fuss or disturbance about something very insignificant". For about two years now, I have been dealing with one of these kinds of situations that I began calling "antagonist fussing".

Starting about two years ago, I noticed that there were a small group of people who seemed to be spending a lot of time trying to say what kind of an antagonist characters are. They'd change their minds so many times and so frequently that I started viewing it as a form of vandalism, especially when I saw them contradict themselves and hide the fact that they were undoing changes other people were making so their antagonist label would be brought back. And some of these would contradict themselves across more than…

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RRabbit42 RRabbit42 31 January 2015

A bot for the wiki

As detailed in the No more categories for a while blog, the categories here are a mess and need to be completely overhauled. I am doing part of it right now with another account called Ferbot.

I need to make Ferbot an official bot account so that the updates can be done behind the scenes and not clog up the Wiki Activity or the Recent Changes lists. The edits will still be registered in the history of each page and in various logs, but they don't normally show up unless you select "show bots". We'll be able to tell what is a new edit and what is maintenance.

Another reason for making this a bot account is if we enable the Achievement badges, Ferbot won't have an unfair advantage over everyone else since it would be doing so many updates. It …

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RRabbit42 RRabbit42 13 December 2014

No more categories for a while

A year ago when I talked about how much cleanup this wiki needed, I said that the categories were a mess. I have done a lot of work since then, but there is still a lot to do. The categories are still a mess and new messes are still being made.

Some of this isn't people's fault. If you're not logged in or if you don't change it in your account preferences, an "Add category" button appears at the bottom of each page. This is supposed to encourage people to get involved in a wiki by making it easy to update a small part of that page.

The problem is that it's being misused. We're still getting people adding ridiculous categories, with some of those apparently being added just to add a category instead adding a category that actually helps organ…

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RRabbit42 RRabbit42 1 October 2013

Adopting the wiki

In a few days, this wiki will become eligible for adoption. At that time, I will submit a request to adopt it. I have done a lot of cleanup on this wiki, as described in this blog, but have reached a point where I cannot do some of the cleanup because pages and categories are protected.

Many of these pages were protected because people went overboard with adding spurious categories and/or made the kind of edits that show they're fixated on adding a particular type of information. But many of the pages were over-protected so that only an admin can edit them and there aren't any admins around now.

So, I will adopt the wiki and finish cleaning it up. My goal is to get it into shape where it will attract a new group of editors. And then, maybe h…

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RRabbit42 RRabbit42 6 August 2013

Disney Villains Wiki, not the Antagonists Wiki

I came to this wiki to help clean up some messes that a few people seem determined to keep adding to as many wikis as they can find. During the past month I have seen more instances of this, and I have also seen that this wiki seems to be losing its focus in three main areas:

  1. The name of this wiki
  2. Constantly changing definitions
  3. Categories

The name of this wiki

The name of this wiki is "Wickedpedia, the Disney Villains Wiki", not "the Antagonists Wiki". There have been a few actors and non-Disney characters added, but many people seem to think that if a character provides any kind of obstacle to another character, no matter how small or insignificant that obstacle might be, then they need to be labeled as an antagonist and added here.

Being an a…

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