Brom "Bleed" Blandy is an antagonist in I'm in the Band. He is the former lead guitarist of Iron Weasel.


He used to play with them when they were incredibly famous, however he was kicked out due to being really self-centered and stealing all the money thet the band earned at concerts. He returned at Tripp's house years later when Tripp joined Iron Weasel, requesting getting to play with them when he booked them a gig at a club known as "Supernova," however this is an eighteen-and-over-only club, and Tripp, being fifteen, cannot play, so Bleed fills in for him and, behind Iron Weasel's back, informs Tripp that he is trying to kick him out so that Bleed can rejoin. After this, Bleed frames Tripp for doing bad things such as destroying Bleed's guitar, and beating Bleed up and throwing him in the dumpster before another gig at "Supernova," this one being an all-ages gig. Izzy, being a big fan of Bleed and stalking him all day, finds out that Bleed had paid the bouncer of "Supernova" twenty bucks to punch him and throw him in the dumpster. Tripp challenges Bleed to a guitar solo duel to see who is the better guitarist and gets to remain Iron Weasel's guitarist. Tripp wins and Bleed is kicked out again.