Birdzilla is the tertiary antagonist in Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey.

Role in the film[]

Birdzilla was the name that Chance gave to a turkey on Kate's farm after he encounters it at the chicken coop. The turkey intimidates him and forces him to flee in terror. Birdzilla is also what leads to Chance to change his mind after choosing to stay regarding escaping Kate's farm with Shadow and Sassy to return to the Seavers' home. Birdzilla was not seen afterward, but had probably been returned to the chicken coop by Kate's friend Frank.

Going by its actions during its appearances (including attempting to pursue Chance while he attempted to escape), Birdzilla is extremely territorial.


  • Birdzilla is a portemantau of "Bird" and "Godzilla."
  • Ironically, considering Birdzilla's species, Chance is shown to love turkey at the beginning and end of the film.