Birdbrain Mary

Birdbrain Mary (a.k.a Krailoni) is a gray woman pirate alien with a brain head, two arms that serve as her legs, a gold wristband on her left arm, a red head scarf, and a light blue bandana. She is voiced by Mona Marshall.

Treasure Planet

As the only female pirate in John Silver's crew, her physical alien appearance resembles that of a gray brain and it's stem, only added with a pair of arms, which serve as her only means of walking mobility (however, this does not seem to affect her services to Silver, which involve handling guns or knives). Krailoni also seems to resemble Yzma, a main villain from Disney's 2000 animated film, The Emperor's New Groove. She is also one of the only few pirates to survive during their mutiny, as she is arrested by Captain Amelia and Dr. Delbert Doppler for her crimes alongside the remaining crew. Despite her arrest, Krailoni is last seen cheering along with the remaining crew for Jim for saving them from the exploding planet.

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