Billy the Squid is an antagonist in the Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers episode "Piratsy Under the Seas".


Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers[]

Billy is first seen catching Chip and Dale escaping in a bottle underwater, but they escape. Billy is next seen when Gadget, Monty, and Zipper are searching for Chip and Dale. The two mice wake him up with the light of their submarine. Billy chases the three rangers and tries to catch them until Gadget closes the lid of a treasure chest on one of his tentacles. This causes him to be injured and he leaves the rangers alone.

Billy is later seen when the Pi-Rats make the rescue rangers walk the plank. He catches the rodents, and Zipper flies close to him, which causes him to sneeze and let the rangers go. The rangers open a door at the ceiling and a pile of dump falls on Billy.

Billy is last seen when the Pi-Rats' ship gets out of the water. Chip and Dale tie Billy on the crow's nest, and he is defeated.