Flawless Billy

Billy Ross was a character and an antagonist in Girl Meets World, making his only appearance in "Girl Meets Flaws".

He was portrayed by Zachary Mitchell.


Billy was first introduced in "Girl Meets Flaws", when he was tied with Lucas for the scholar athlete award nearing graduation. He and Lucas then do their handshake of awesomeness. Later on, he reveals that he was the student who called Farkle a "big nothing" and, in anger, Lucas pins him to the wall and confronts him on this. Riley later on tries to help him by making everyone write on their foreheads their flaws, but Billy doesn't. The others ask why he picked on Farkle, and he says that he was jealous of Farkle's confidence and popularity within his friends, but apologizes to him, letting him write "jealous" as a flaw on his forehead. When Cory explains that people have friends to help wipe away their flaws, he grabs some tissues and "wipes" away Farkle's flaw on his forehead. 


Billy can be first seen as a proud and confident person, but later revealed to be the one who bullied Farkle Minkus. He is confident today that he didn't have a flaw at first, but later knew and warmed up. He eventually became friends with Riley, Maya, and Farkle after he became nice.



Lucas Friar[]

Lucas is one of the first known friends to Billy, since they did a handshake of awesomeness. He also once pinned Billy to a wall because he was mad at him for bullying Farkle, but they are currently good friends.


Farkle Minkus[]

Farkle was the kid whom Billy bullied. He later apologizes to Farkle, saying he was jealous of him, and they became friends. Farkle also wrote Billy's flaw.

Student 1[]

She is possibly one of Billy's enemies, since she tattles a lot.


  • The flaw that he writes on his forehead is "jealous," and he decides to be the only one to not wipe it off his forehead because he says he needs a little more time to embrace it and find who he is. 
  • Billy was only joking when he misidentified Jackie Robinson (as confirmed by the GMW writers).


Season 1[]

  • "Girl Meets Flaws"