Big Jet used to be the main antagonist of the Little Einsteins, but he reforms and became friends in the episode, "Show and Tell".


Out of all the villains in the Little Einsteins, Big Jet was the most common of them all. He repeatedly cheats at games, ruin the Little Einsteins' fun and steal things to keep for himself. He doesn't like springtime as he is allergic to flowers, as seen in the episode "Oh Yes, Oh Yes, it's Springtime". He also hates to lose. At the end of the episode "Show and Tell", Big Jet astounds everyone by apologizing for his earlier misbehavior (when he took Leo's baton, Quincy's instruments, June's ballet shoes and Annie's microphone) and being remorseful. After the kids forgive him, he chums up to Rocket, who gives him a sombrero.

little Einsteins the movie:

big jet was destroyed when Quincy's dad threw a bomb at him.

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