Biana Bully[1] is a character and antagonist from the animated series Fillmore!. She is an X Middle School student and a member of the school's cheerleading squad. She is voiced by Shanie Calahan.[2][3]

Role in the series[]

In "Nappers Never Sleep", when Fillmore and Ingrid are in the neighborhood searching for answers to the case of Everett Konquist's lost Duappy, they meet Biana while she's passing through it. After the safety patrollers come to the conclusion that the first of two suspects is Lorraine Almaden, they eventually find Biana to be the other. How it's all connected is that she and Lorraine used to be close and hang out together. But that all changed once Lorraine began spending more time with Everett. Bit by bit, Lorraine drifted away until Biana was left alone. Jealous of this newfound friendship, Biana decided to get back at them by stealing Duappy, in hopes that this would convince and cause Lorraine to return to her. The truth about Biana comes out while at a school sports event, when another cheerleader, Mandee, tosses Biana her book bag, which contains Duappy. After Fillmore and Ingrid pursue her, they end up in the swimming pool room. Just as Biana attempts to get rid of the digital pet by throwing it in the pool and submerging it, Fillmore goes to grab it before it hits the water and he manages to do so successfully, saving it. Ingrid manages to save Duappy's life before it expires. Biana sadly kneels to the floor in defeat, knowing that her best friendship with Lorraine remains dead.