Ben and Lon are former secondary antagonists in the 1995's Disney film: Pocahontas.

Ben is voiced by Billy Connolly and Lon by Joe Baker.

They are part of the settlers who go to the New World with Governor Ratcliffe.


They meet Thomas at the port and are happy to see that John Smith will be part of the trip. During a sea storm, they help John and Thomas who were in the water to get back on the ship.

With Thomas and John were the first to sail in Jamestown. Then they are seen digging for gold and Ben quickly complains to the governor that he cannot find anything. When the colonists are spotted by Namontack and Kocoum, two Indians, Ratcliffe orders to attack. Lon is seen shooting and Ben is mastered by Kocoum while he was trying to kill Namontack. The settlers celebrate their victory after driving the natives away.

Later, Ben and Lon continue to work with John and Thomas. Lon hums about their victory but is called to order by Ben who does not support their jobs. The two don't notice that John is gone and are sent by Ratcliffe, to find him having the order to kill the Indians if they meet them. They arrive near Grandmother Willow who hides John and scares Ben and Lon who say that Smith can manage himself.

The two colonists however find the latter who reveals that there isn't gold and try to convince his comrades that the Indians are like them. Ratcliffe opposes this idea and threatens to hang anyone who does not kill an Indian whom he sees.

Thomas later alerts the settlers that John has been kidnapped by the Indians, and Ben insists that they act quickly. Ratcliffe took the opportunity to attack and trained the settlers to follow him. But on the spot, Pocahontas convinces his father the chief of the tribe not to kill John and releases him. With Thomas, Ben and Lon oppose the attack and Ratcliffe inadvertently shoots Smith. All the settlers then accused Ratcliffe of treason and chained him up for trial in England. Ben also goes there to treat John while Lon stays with some settlers and Thomas in Jamestown.